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Service Design

44 methods and a process

The Service Design pack breaks the service design process into four phases and offers 44 methods. The service design process is flexible and iterative by nature, making the methods well-suited for many purposes and for different phases of the process. Service design can be used to tackle many kinds of challenges: to improve customer experience, design better internal services, create a more customer-centric culture or innovate new service offerings. The Service Design pack is not just about the process and methods – it’s about a new approach and a novel way of thinking. There’s more details in Finnish on Ideapakka’s blog.

Target group

The Service Design pack suits everyone interested in using the service design approach and its versatile methods. This pack is also available in Finnish.

Want to learn more?

Ideapakka provides basic and advanced facilitation workshops in case you want to deepen your understanding about the methods and the process itself. All Ideapakkas include ideation assistance: if you need help or new ideas for facilitating, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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