The Ideaforge is a workshop that activates and engages its participants. In the workshop, we use interactive and solution-oriented methods to boost the efficiency of your learning, innovation and collaboration. In the Ideaforge, you will gain hands-on experience in using new working methods, which will then allow you to adopt and adapt the methods in your own work – with minimal fuss.

In the Ideaforge, you will discover the methods that best suit your situation and your team. Moreover, you will learn about the possibilities and challenges of each method. What we really want to do is offer you insights and new viewpoints, energy and enjoyment in your work.


The Ideaforge walks you through change, offering you support throughout the process:

  1. Preliminary mapping of your ideas, experiences and attitudes to the themes in hand.
  2. Ideaforge workshop, two to seven hours a day of active work using the Ideapakka methods,
    or Idea Retreat, 2+ days of ideation and/or creative problem-solving in the capable hands of our expert facilitator
  3. Follow-up on efficiency and support in change

The Ideaforge will permanently change how you work – for the better. Each workshop is always planned and organised to meet the attendees’ objectives. The Ideas Forge is excellent for trainers, professionals, managers, project managers and teams.

Use meaningful methods. Engage in purposeful collaboration. Join us in forging ideas!




2 hours

Pragmatic tools and inspiration

Testing Ideapakka methods

Customized process

4-16 participants



half day (morning or afternoon)

Pragmatic tools and inspiration

Testing Ideapakka methods

Your topic as the core

4-16 participants



2 days

Full ideation process

Your topic as the core

Full concentration

4-32 participants

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