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Social Rules

50 cards

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Social Rules is about exploring and understanding implicit and explicit social rules. With this Ideapakka you can facilitate a conversation, where participants get to recognize different social norms and rules that guide us in interaction.

All you need is minimum 2 participants and a facilitator, room suited for dialogue, and this deck of cards. This can be used both for light-hearted fun and for opening a door for deeper discussion. Each game round includes setting a topic for discussion, modifier cards dealt by the facilitator, and a debriefing discussion about observations made during the initial discussion.

There are 3 levels of modifiers: subtle, moderate and extreme. The facilitator will deal each participant a different modifier. Examples of different modifiers follow. Subtle modifier: keep your hands crossed. Moderate: you can talk only if you interrupt someone. Extreme: try to do the exact opposite of all the implicit rules.

Target Group

The game is a useful tool to acknowledge different social rules and norms. During the debriefing conversations participants will make important observations and learn more about dynamics in interaction. This game is for anyone who wants to understand social rules and interaction and improve their interpersonal skills.

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All Ideapakkas include ideation assistance: if you need help or new ideas for facilitating, don’t hesitate to contact us! We also offer basic and advanced facilitation workshops tailored to your needs.


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